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A special tip from Carole

I have tried many natural remedies in the past, but nothing compares to DentaSure (shown below). This was recommended to me by a facebook friend and after only three months, Poppie has pearly white teeth again.

Give it a go, you won't regret it (I usually spray Poppie's toothbrush and brush her teeth immediately after she has eaten). It is pretty economical too, because I still have 3/4 of a bottle of spray left!

DentaSure All-Natural Spray and Gel Combo for Dogs and Cats.

This all-natural oral care combo helps whiten teeth, reverse gingivitis, eliminate bad breath, fight cavities, and remove plaque and calculus.

No harmful alcohol. Contains only Grapefruit seed extract, Grapeseed extract, Propolis, Xanthan gum and Stevia.

Everything you need to know about
your puppy's breath

What is in puppy breath that makes it so irresistable?

The delightful and addictive smell of your puppy's breath is a combination of mild puppy food and the mamma dog's..

Sadly puppy breath only lasts a few months. Thereafter your dog's breath will depend very much on what you feed him or her.

If you are an advocate of raw feeding and you start your puppy off on raw food and bones to chew on together with having regular dental checks with your vet, your puppy will turn into an adult dog which will always have a sweet smelling breath.

That is off course, if he or she doesn't get sick, because like humans, dogs do get a bad breath when they are not well and is an indication you need to take your puppy or dog to your vet pronto.

However, if you give your dog commercially produced canned food or dried food, e.g. kibble to eat and pay little attention to any dental care routine at home or dental visits to your vet, plaque and calculus/tartar will begin to accumulate on their teeth, your pooch will no longer have a sweet-smelling, pure breath.

In fact your dog will end up with Gingivitis and Periodontal disease at best, or at worst with horrible Bacterial infections and a fowl smelling breath and an extremely painful mouth.

For those of us that love puppy breath here are some tips to help keep our growing puppy's breath as appealing for as long as possible.

Tip 1

Try your level best to start your new puppy on raw food, and in particular lots of soft raw bones.

Feeding bones requires common sense, obviously chicken necks and wings are more suited to toy and smaller breeds, where as it could be dangerous to feed the same to large breeds because they could easily get caught in their throats, in which case you would have an emergency on your hands and you would need to drop whatever you are doing and head to your vet's emergency clinic.

Raw beef brisket bones are much better suited for large breeds. Please do not feed your dog any weight bearing large Bones as these could break your dog's teeth and once again you would need to head off to your vet because your dog would be in horrific pain.

Tips 2 to 5 are for owners who either:

  • feed their dogs cooked food in which case soft food remains on their dogs' teeth after they have eaten, or
  • owners who feed their dogs manufactured off the shelf canned dog food, which again leaves soft food on their dogs' teeth after they have eaten.

Tip 2

Start cleaning/brushing your puppy's teeth as soon as soon as you adopt him or her. Please see our segment on How to clean your dog's teeth.

Tip 3

Clean your puppy's teeth at least twice a day, but ideally immediately after it has eaten. Please see our segment on Dog dental care.

Tip 4

If it isn't possible to clean/brush your pup's teeth after it has eaten, try to finish off its meal with a raw bone or a natural hide chew bar e.g. a pigs ear. Please see our segments on Rawhide and Your dog's diet.

Tip 5

Always feed your puppy good quality natural or organic food. Please see our section on Allergy free dog foods.

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