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A special tip from Carole

Affordable & effective parasitic control

Going natural for flea, tick, mosquito and mite control is the most affordable and cost-effective protection available for your dog.

Compare the cost of an Easy Defense Tag with its one year life span against the expense of other flea and parasitic control medications, which must be continually reapplied on a regular basis. Not only will it save you money, it also offers these additional benefits:

  • Completely safe for your pet with no possible side effects
  • Repels mosquitoes in addition to fleas and ticks
  • Guaranteed to protect your pet from biting insects e.g. mites.

Important Note - If Your Pet Has Fleas:

The Easy Defense Tag is designed for flea and tick prevention, not eliminating infestations. If your pet is already infested by fleas, this means their environment is also infested, and the flea and tick tag on its own will not be enough to remove the infestation. To eliminate existing flea infestations, we strongly recommend complementing the tag with other natural flea removal products:

The Easy Defense Flea & Tick Tag takes just three weeks to activate, and must be clipped to a flea and tick free dog who is kept flea and tick free for the duration of the activation period until protection clicks in.

The tag offers long-lasting protection for your pooch and you will not only gain a happy healthy dog but gain more for your buck. Just clip it on and forget it!

OMG - fleas in my furniture
how did that happen?

Most pet lovers treat their pets like a members of their family and this means pets get to share in most family activities, including sleeping or hanging out on the furniture in the home, e.g. couches, sofas and comfortable lounge chairs!

By their very nature fleas are opportunistic hitch hikers, and they are always on the alert for their next victim to jump on for a hearty meal of fresh warm blood, or as in the case of pregnant females, a warm cozy place to lay their eggs.

If your pets are lucky enough to have their own back yard, and in the case of dogs to be walked a couple of times a day as well, then you must consider some type of safe flea repellant. Otherwise you will always be at risk of getting fleas in your home and in particular in your furniture.

If you are like me, just the mere presence of my four-legged furry friends Molly and Rosie lift my spirits.

After a day of typing away about doggie tips or articles I like nothing better than to spend my evenings relaxing on the couch snuggled up to my two gorgeous canine friends.

In the unfortunate event that some fleas slip the net and end up setting up home in your home, the actual percentage of fleas on your pet at any one time will only be around 5% of the total number of fleas in your home.

The rest of your infestation will have set up home in your furniture, in fact they will be hiding anywhere that your pet has sat or slept on.

Once fleas are ensconced it's a devil of a job to "Stop the Fleas" and be rid of them.

Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner

Getting rid of fleas in your furniture requires an aggressive approach and requires an attack from all sides. You must treat your pets in tandem with your furniture and inside and out side your home; otherwise you will be wasting your time.

first off bath your dog with a herbal shampoo and conditioner. The trick here is to lather up your pet and leave the shampoo on for a minimum of five minutes at least. Any less and you are wasting your time. Five minutes are needed to completely drown all adult fleas and kill all of the off-spring in the flea's life cycle.

Only Natural Pet Easydefense Flea And Tick Control Collar Tag For Dogs And Cats - Natural Active Ingredients For Prevention, Control & Enhanced Defense

Use a herbal Spot-on treatment or Flea tag.

Please visit our Stop the Fleas Product page for a range of excellent products from herbal flea collars, tags, clips and herbal spot-ons.

Then, use a safe product like boracic acid powder to dust your furniture, making sure that you get into every nook and cranny. Boracic acid powder is completely harmless to children and pets and should be left for 24 hours or so.

There are other safe and natural products you can use for indoors and outside, please visit our Home Flea Remedies page.

Once you have completed all of the above, your best line of defence on an on-going basis is your vacuum cleaner. For the first few weeks after you started treating your home, vacuum every day; and when your bag is full seal it with tape and dispose of it off your property.

That's the do it yourself treatment. You may prefer to call in a pest control professional. If you choose this option, make a point of ascertaining in advance that the insecticides used are chemical free and are safe for children and pets.

It's also a good idea to have the operator do a "spot test" before he or she gets started - I suggest choosing somewhere at the back of your furniture that isn't obviously noticeable.


This article and information forms part of the Carole's Doggie World Holistic Library and is presented for informational purposes only.The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your local vet. Instead, the content offers the reader information researched and written by Carole Curtis for

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